The average price of the square meter has increased by 3% in the province during the last year, which closed last quarter above 1,300 euros, a figure that was not reached since 2012. In particular, according to the data published this Thursday by the Ministry of Development, between January and March of this year the properties quoted at 1,312 euros in Alicante.

Despite this rise, the cost of houses in the province remains well below the national average, which stands at 1,636 euros, and also more than 25% below the maximum reached in 2007, when they came to pay 1,753 euros per meter. In fact, from its minimum of 2013, barely adds 100 euros more than average.

Benidorm, the most expensive, and Villena, the cheapest
By municipalities, Benidorm remains the population with the most expensive housing in the province, with 1,950 euros per square meter, a figure that only approximates Xàbia, with 1,800 euros; and Calp, with 1,651 euros.

On the contrary, the municipalities with the most affordable apartments are Villena, with 593 euros, which supersedes Elda from this position, which is in this case the second cheapest, with 615 euros. Alcoy follows, with 623 euros. These three municipalities are also among the six cheapest in Spain.

For its part, in the city of Alicante the square meter is paid at 1,188 euros, although there is a big difference between the new work, which is trading at 1,722 euros per meter, and the second hand, which remains at 1,184. For its part, housing in Elche costs 945 euros (1,315 new and 939 second-hand), while in Orihuela the metro is 1,185 euros and 1,170 in Torrevieja.